Sunday, June 12, 2011

Get this bum Anthony Weiner out of here !

Once again I turn on the news and watch another politician vehemently denying any involvement in a salacious scandal, blaming others, acting indignant -- and then, when confronted with the truth, having a tearful mea culpa. At least this time, the wife had the good sense not to stand by his side.
  Anthony Weiner has proved that he is skillful at mendacity and being a serial sexual predator. Is this stupid and immature man  the person that voters want to represent their interests? There seems to be a genetic defect in many of these politicians lately, namely character. What happened to men with values and decency?  Weiner said he lied because he was embarrassed and wanted to protect his family. No, I'm sorry but  he lied because he thought he could get away with it.
I find it even more incredible that Weiner still feels he should remain in office, and refuses to step down. When a politician is more interested in shooting photos of his reproductive organs and sending them across the Internet to young women, one really has to question not only his value system but his judgment.


  1. Rehab without accountability to their constituancy is the Libtard answer to all their failings. Is there a rehab for lying and corrupt polititians who haul home the bacon while destroying a nation? There is a huge waiting line in the Progressive Caucus. Welcome to Conservative Blog Central!

  2. Not only does he represent his district, but this degenerate votes on everything that affects you and me.

    Welcome to the blogging world.

  3. You said, "I'm sorry but he lied because he thought he could get away with it."

    As a recovered addict, I can tell you "with certitude" that you are absolutely correct.

    If he truly is an addict, he needs to remove himself from all the surroundings and elements that create his temptation, and find a way to move forward with his new lifestyle, addiction free.

    That would include - much to his dismay - no longer being a Congress-critter.