Thursday, August 9, 2012

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours"

Sure Mitt Romney is refusing to release his tax records, but so what? He has done nothing wrong, he doesn't have to show those records, just because Obama's Attack Dog Harry Reid makes up those lies and slanderous BS.  Romney has already done what was required by federal law.
So don't tell us about "precedents set for decades by both Republican and Democrat"

What "precedents" has Obama followed? NONE that I can think of... "Precedents" does not make things so.
What is being said here is that Mitt Romney should offer to show everything: school records, tax returns, and medical records. He should do this in exchange for the President doing the same thing..
Challenging Obama's claim that he went to Columbia University before heading over to Harvard Law school is HIS word, nobody, and I repeat NO BODY at either one of those schools remembers ever seeing or knowing him there.
And that makes it feasible regardless of what you say or what you call it, that he is once again LYING! was born here or not.

If you want to talk about "Precedents" There has never been such an effort and such an expense made by a sitting President to hide his past. It took years to come up with a birth certificate that is still questionable at best. Now, every effort is being made to keep his educational and health records sealed. If Romney is waiting for the mainstream media to ask the questions, he shouldn’t be holding his breath.

Remember that old saying, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"  That seems fair enough to me. Let the voters decide what is or is not pertinent.

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