Friday, August 23, 2013

Did this Creepy-ass cracker have it COMING!

Don’t know if you’ve heard about that young Australian Chris Lane who was brutally murdered in Oklahoma while out jogging by three wastes of DNA who, according to their statements when they were arrested, were “just bored, so they decided to kill somebody.” And as they said, “FOR THE FUN OF IT” If you haven’t, you can be excused, since the OgabeMedia has been singularly disinterested in making a big deal out of it.

After all, Chris Lane looked NOTHING like the son that Barack  never had!
And by the way, the two murderous scumbags DID look a lot like the sons that Barack the Bastard never had!

So, nothing to see here. Move along. Racists!

Needless to say, Barack hasn’t been holding speeches about it and, equally needless to say, Jesse Hi-Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of the Usual Race Baiting Suspects And neither have any and let me repeat that NEITHER HAVE ANY of the Progressive, Liberal, democraps have been tripping over themselves to arrange marches, protests, banning’s boycotting, inciting riots and whatnot to protest the murder of a stupid creepy-ass cracker who probably owned slaves… Oh wait, he was an Australian White guy. Let me also repeat that!  He Was an Australian White Guy.

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  1. Well, this one couldn't have ever been obama's son, he was actually accomplishing things.