Monday, July 9, 2012

How Low will the Left Go?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has resorted to whisper-down-the-alley politics by alleging on the floor of the U.S. Senate that he heard through “a Bain investor” that Mitt Romney  hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years.
Reid will not reveal the source of the gossip, forcing Romney to fight back, essentially shadow boxing against a claim that isn’t substantiated.
Besides the fact that Romney would have likely been paid a visit by the IRS if that were, indeed, true, Romney has already released his tax returns for 2010, as well as his 2011 estimate. What did we learn? That Romney is good with money. That he is successful. And that he is charitable — wait, make that unbelievably charitable. “Romney’s charities of choice are diverse,” noted Forbes magazine, pointing out his giving to everything from Mormon causes to the United Way.
By throwing out an unproven accusation, the conversation has gone from pressing Obama on where the jobs are to painting Romney as a tax evader. Not only is it a fabricated distraction, it’s pretty pathetic if this is all the Democrats can come up with.
Further, it shines a light on their hypocrisy. Obama has yet to release certain Fast and Furious documents, his academic records, the full White House visitor list. The list goes on and on.
Plus, Reid himself refuses to release his own taxes. In 2010 it was estimated that Reid was worth $10 million — but he only makes a salary of $193,000 per year. So what’s Reid hiding? Should Romney make something up?
If you thought that the left couldn’t go any lower than that, think again. In perhaps the most egregious and slanderous attacks of all time, Priorities USA, a Super PAC run by former Obama communications aide Bill Burton, has put out an ad that links Mitt Romney to the closure of a steel plant in Kansas City, the subsequent loss of a family’s health insurance and, disgustingly, the death of a woman from cancer.
Apparently, at Priorities USA, intellectual honesty isn’t one of the priorities.But as we all know this is just another

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