Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Incriminating E-Mail.

It now seems that the State Dept, the White House, Obama., Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and all  were all notified in real time that it was an Al Qaeda linked
attack that was going on.

And then....they lied. Every last one of them

Palin is a guest and she is having a hissy fit. And I sure

can't blame her. Small good it will do her.

It's time, campaign or not, for them to sit their butts down
in front of a full investigation.


  1. I note that the big three mainstream-media networks are giving this information quite short shrift.

    The shilling for Obama continues apace -- standing on top of our dead Americans in Benghazi.

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  3. This is unreal. This is a million times more than Watergate which is little more serious than a college prank. If no heads roll over this, just pack it in.

    If there is a revolution, I'd say the media people need to be dealt with first. Communist tools, almost to the man (which includes most of the women btw).

  4. In response to your comment on my blog: The Navy relieved RADM Charles Gaouette from command of the Mideast Strike Group because of "inappropriate judgement - not related to personal conduct". We don't know if it's related to Benghazi, but maybe it is. The Navy denies it, but President Obama and Secretary Clinton denied that Benghazi had anything to do with terrorism for two weeks.

    On 18 October 2012, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta participated in a "DOD News Briefing on Efforts to Enhance the Financial Health of the Force." In his introductory remarks, Mr. Panetta said: "Today I am very pleased to announce that President Obama will nominate General David Rodriguez to succeed General Carter Ham as commander of U.S. Africa Command . . ." It has nothing to do with Benghazi -- if you believe the Pentagon.

    However when two theater commanders (both Army and Navy) with responsibility over the Libya area within a week of the terrorist attack, one can only surmise that they didn't want to obey orders and stand down.