Sunday, October 7, 2012

The past 4 years will seem like a week at Disney land compared to what’s in front of us

The real problem for a second Obama term which at this point I think is very unlikely, is that interest rates on the national debt will go sky high. I don't think that has been factored in yet to the pain, I meant the plan... . The past 4 years will seem like a week at Disney land compared to what’s in front of us. 
Obama simply lacks the acknowledge for the position of President and this job is for him to acquire the knowledge by On the Job Training!
GET READY!! Folks, the MASSIVE tax increase will make more and more business close and therefor there’s going to be larger amounts of people who will be Unemployed.  No matter how the Democrats Cook the Books.  There is no way businesses can take a 15%-20% hit on their bottom line due to these insane Tax increase that are waiting for us come 2013. . Sad to see any business close, or anyone lose their homes  but this is just the beginning....
The genius we have now in the White House has never ran a business except "Out of Town”
When taxes are out of control, like they are and worse like they are going to be, this is what happens. Why would people want to invest when most of their hard earned money goes to pay the taxes, when they can’t bring home the bacon due to the lack of people spending money because they won’t have any to spend. . When is this President going to get it?   Or will he ever?
We need someone to run this Country and make the hard decisions without passing the burden on to the people. . If he can't do it, then he should   get out.  Who needs a President. Who just keeps whining and does nothing constructive.
DEMOCRATS and their 14.5% tax increase this year, next year, and the year after will only bring the writing on the wall that will cause business’s to fail. The Democrats are taxing us out of our homes and businesses, and they must go! Get off the couch and get out there vote the Democrats out of office before our Cities all become ghost towns and or  high crime bad neighborhoods.
People, we can change America for the better and it starts in the voting booth by voting Democrats (all of them!) out of office. Anyone doubts why business are either  fleeing or failing? When many customers are cutting their spending because of their lack ow jobs or their high cost of living and tax’s This results in the reason why strip malls empty, businesses open and close so quickly. People leaving in the middle of the night to avoid  paying their landlord or anyone else they owe money to. This posturing know-nothing idiot must be replaced and we need to get out there and vote him out..


  1. This president will NEVER get it and we MUST get him out before he further ruins America to a point we won't recognize her. God be with our children because they'll never have the freedoms that we had as they can't order certain sized soft drinks or pay such taxes on their businesses and paychecks that they'll be feeling "What's the point?"
    It'll take a generation before that happens; today, our kids are so indoctrinated they actually think it's cool for good ol' tax-paying daddy to pay for those who won't work...wait till it's THEY who're footing the bills.
    MAYBE then they'll vote for a Republican IF the Republicans have not strayed so far to the left only to attract the dumb democrat vote!

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    But really; deleting my post?!

    Is this one of those blogs that _only_ those who agree with your extreme whacked-out positions are allowed to be posted??

    Ema Nymton