Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Obama Announces Plan To Destroy Israel

I received an email yesterday to which I attributed a certain .....hyperbole.
But, upon research.....it's true.

Here is part of that email:
"I just wanted to write a post here outlining what Obama has been doing in the Middle East while America is rightfully preoccupied with the Obamacare tragedy. Yesterday, John Kerry went on Israeli TV and said that if Israel does not partition the country and create a" Palestinian state" (along borders that are indefensible) he will
1) make sure that Israel is isolated at the UN (that Israel will be declared an illegitimate state or a non state)
2) that he will work to ensure that Europe no longer trades with Israel, thereby strangling the Israeli economy and
3) he said that if "Israel does not comply, there will be violence against it".

1. "Secretary of State John Kerry appears to have shed the last vestige of a U.S. honest broker role in pursuing an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord....Kerry warned Israelis that the result would be a third intifada of terrorist attacks against Israel.
But that was just for starters.
2. In addition, Kerry said, Israel would be more internationally isolated, there would be increased calls for boycotts and divestment from Israel, and the advent of a Palestinian leadership committed to violence.
3. ....Kerry also denounced Jewish settlements in the West Bank as "illegitimate" and called for an end of the presence of "IDF soldiers perpetually in the West Bank."
4. ....Kerry's remarks fit perfectly with the Palestinian playbook. His anti-Israel outbursts were bound to play well in Ramallah and Amman."
Blog: Kerry Threatens Israel
5. "US Secretary of State John Kerry, using the bully tactics of his boss Barack Obama, warned Israel that if Israeli-Palestinian talks break down, there might be a third intifada. Kerry’s one-sided warning was even more astounding when this fact is thrown in the mix: two days before he shot off his mouth, a poll conducted by the Arab World For Research & Development showed that only 29% of West Bank and Gaza Palestinians would be in favor of a third intifada, even though 60% believe it could happen."
Kerry Threatens Israel with Third Intifada - Townhall.com Staff 11/8/2013 9:05 AM
6. ".... despicable action by Kerry means is that Kerry has now tacitly given a green light for Palestinian terrorists to wage a third intifada against Israel....
Kerry’s threat came during a joint interview with Channel 2's Udi Segal and Maher Shalabi of Palestine TV.... said:

...I believe that if we do not resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, if we do not find a way to find peace, there will be an increasing isolation of Israel, three will be an increasing campaign of the de-legitimization of Israel that has been taking place on an international basis..."

a. Of course, Kerry never mentions the Israelis’ aspirations to simply live in peace without the constant existential threat, but then, the same man who lied about Vietnam atrocities can’t exactly be someone who wants the truth."
Kerry Threatens Israel with Third Intifada

7. "...the Obama administration is working behind the scenes in tandem with the EU’s boycott of Israeli settlements, tying the seriousness of the EU’s future ban to Israel’s actions during current U.S.-brokered talks with the Palestinians, according to a senior Palestinian negotiator....Kerry is using the EU sanctions to blackmail Israel into complying with talks aimed at creating a Palestinian state that would include the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem.....cause incalculable damage to the Israeli economy.”

a. In July, the EU published guidelines that deny EU funds in the form of grants, prizes and financial instruments from going toward any Jewish entities in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights or eastern Jerusalem.
Report: Kerry threatening Israel with sanctions

Are there still folks who question where Obama's interests lie?

Monday, November 11, 2013

On This VETERANS! Day.

To all our Service Men and Women, serving our country all over the world. When that Bugle calls you to get out of bed in the morning, please know that you and our Dear VETERANS, from every branch of the service, and where ever you have served, Please know that you are appreciated. 

The Obama administration's appeasement to Iranian Islamists .

Somehow, Americans seem to think that what we were given in the past of American history, we can and will go on forever....
I refer to the world of politics....and how little attention many give to that venue.
Little do most folks realize how close we are to the abyss....

 Trevor Loudon, an author and blogger from New Zealand ... decried the “normalcy bias” that blinds Americans from seeing a future America without liberty, the Constitution and military strength..."
You think it’s going to go on forever,” Loudon said. “But there’s no law of nature that guarantees that.”
“If America fails, and America is in danger of failure — that is a harsh reality — if America fails, the West goes down,” he said. “Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Venezuela and the crazed Islamic allies will carve up this planet amongst themselves. And, if you think the Dark Ages were a tough time, I think it’s going to be pretty bleak for a very long time.”
 “We’ve been very, very lucky for the last sixty years that the most benevolent power the world has ever seen, the strongest military power the world has ever seen, it’s America that’s been leading the world,...

Loudon noted the irony of President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies calling the tea party “extremists” and “terrorists.”
The tea party, he said, is the “most patriotic, gentlemanly, fair-minded, generous, peaceful people — the exact opposite of terrorists. Yet, you have people in your Congress, mostly in the Democratic Party, who are allied to supporters of North Korea and Iran and Venezuela and Cuba and Communist China.”
 “You’ve been infiltrated, and the infiltrators want to deflect attention off what they’re doing by basically demonizing the most patriotic, inoffensive people in this country....
The Democrats are merely “disguising their own anti-American activism.”

Right at this very moment, John Kerry and the Obama administration is trying their very best to appease the Iranian Islamists!  What does that say?   Moreover, this move towards appeasement will send a signal to the Iranian leaders that the West, particularly the Obama administration, does not actually have the power the stop Tehran from enriching uranium. 
When if ever will we learn that

Iran should not be trusted.