Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mourn Nelson Mandela the Anti Semitic. Terrorist, and Murderer. I don’t think so!

Mourn Nelson Mandela the Anti Semitic. Terrorist, and Murderer.   I don’t think so!
Just because the Liberal-Progressive Press and the Brain-Washed Morons on the Left Idealize this Murderous Creature? Needless to say, the Liberal Moonbats o the Left find what I say to be not only blasphemous, but insulting and showing contempt or lack of respect to their heroic “Saint”
These people need to return reality Mandela was not only an enemy of Israel, but a
find this morally reprehensible.
During the 1960's and 70's, not a week went by without terrorism In South Africa by the ANC's Guerrilla’s force known  as MK or more formally know as Umkhonto we Sizwe  translated "Spear of the Nation" a terrorist organization that was founded by Nelson Mandela!
At that time, Nelson Mandela also was buddy, buddy with that other disgusting Murderous Creature Yasser  Arafaf
And the “Progressive’s “Saint” showed where his locality was when he Nelson Mandela laid a wreath on the grave of Ayatollah Khomeini, the Father of Iranian Terrorists. 
The same Mandela who claimed that Communist Cuba had achieved the “systematic eradication of racism
The same Mandela who declared Israel to a “terrorist state” and declared that we do not regard the PLO as a terrorist organization.
Is this the Man that I am supposed to Morn? Is this the Man that the Media wants to be know  as a “Saint” Is the the Man that Our president wants the Countries Fags to be a half mast for a week? What do you expect?

But don’t say a world about that to the Progressives, his worshipers, those people may get offended.   The Muslim world may get offended as well.
This reality my friends, Mandela was a racist, a communist, a terrorist, a murderer.   I'm sorry but Mandela was not the “Saint” that people imagined him to be.
He was a communist terrorist. The liberal media has been swooning over him for years, saying that his was the first democratic election in South Africa. No way. But you never heard about that from the liberal media.