Monday, February 2, 2015

“benghazi, Benghazi, BENGHAZI”

So the Hilderbeast is going to testify on Benghazi again..  Well what is going to change? It doesn't matter what she says or what additional information may come out of this, she has lied over and over again, what makes anyone think that she won’t lie again? She's never going to tell the truth because if she did the whole country would know what an incompetent asshole she really is. So, “What difference does it make”?  To that Cold Fish the 4 dead Americans were just "Bumps in the Road"
Yes, benghazi, Benghazi, BENGHAZI!!!  I will never stop saying Benghazi!!
On that day in September 2012, a complete all out planned attack was made on the American Ambassador’s compound in Benghazi and killed four Americans, the American Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. In addition to the loss of these four brave men, ten others were injured in these attacks.
President Obama refused to call the  attack on the compound what it was a terrorist attack claiming that he had evidence that it was because of a Youtube video that was detrimental to the prophet Muhammad. This lie was so obvious that even the Washington Post didn’t buy it.
The Administration had absolutely NO interest in telling the truth, in regards to the Benghazi attack because they knew it will lead, the truth will show the total incompetence in leadership of both King Obama and Her Majesty Hillary. They were already dead set to protect Hillary at all cost.  Hillary was already the “Chosen One” for 2016.  So here we are today.
Well now we are going to have the Butcher of Benghaz running for the office of the presidency of the United Stated of America!  The highest office in the world! With all her Lies, Coverups, and Fabrications, she is still the choice of 50 percent of America.  This tells us a lot of what this country has come to doesn’t it.
The problem we have is that the majority of Americans are clueless and couldn't even tell you who Ben Gazy is.
The average and typical Liberal/Democrat voter will go on loving and supporting this pathetic liar. Can all these people be that completely ill-informed?  I don’t think so, I rather think that they are just brainwashed Koolaide drinkers.
And how about our Government? Do those Governmental officials really believe all the crap that the 3 stooges have been saying?  The State Department assholes should all be fired for their incompetence.
There was no video protest at the compound, it was a planned and orchestrated attack by al qaeda.
What angered me most about Benghazi was not that it was a botched covert operation because things like that happens all the time, but rather Hillary's attempt to peddle the “spontaneous video protest” LIE while standing next to the coffin of Ambassador Chris Stevens...
She gave weapons to Islamic terrorists who used them against our people in Benghazi. She did not give the consulate the protection that they needed and she lied about the anti-Muhammad video sparking a spontaneous attack. This will come back to haunt her.
It's disgusting! And yeah, this was all because of that hateful youtube video that was Detrimental to the Prophet Muhammad.
 One can only hope that this murdering, lying, arrogant beast will never be President, the thought alone is sickening! God help us if she actually wins the Presidency.