Thursday, July 26, 2012

Omama's "Accomplishments" If you want to call them that!

Here's the list from his first three years of Obama's "accomplishments"  just in case you morons may have forgotten.
Put us into three "NEW" wars making a total of five wars we are in.
The assault on Arizona
Mexican insurgents on American soil
American agents murdered in America
The socialist communist rape of the middle class
Government motors
Oil in gulf fiasco
Obama care fiasco
Shadow government by czars
Union thugs in the streets
Children molested lawfully in airports
TSA BIGOTS selecting victims for pat downs
Real estate fanny Mae Freddie mac fiasco
Housing catastrophe
Teacher lying on camera
Doctors lying on camera
Paying for insurgents to go to college
Congressmen espousing socialism
Ignoring constitutional law blatantly
Class warfare
Generational warfare
Racial warfare
Insulting the supreme court justices publicly
Insulting opposing opinion publicly
Paying socialist news outlets from tax Coffers
Universities as socialist factories of propaganda
Paying pigford frauds for fictional

 Iranians building nuclear weapons
Using every available form of media for Political propaganda
Stealing elections
Housing price depression

Four to Five dollar gas
16 trillion in debt going up
His Betrayal of Israel

Releasing terrorists from Gitmo
Black Panther goons on the street
Union goons on the street
Assault on the catholic church
Panetta's betrayal of American sovereignty...
Teenage thugs on the streets of our cities, esp in Chicago.
The Electric car fiasco
The Green industry fiasco

 UN-employmentat 10% Nationwide.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Chick-Fil-A Controversy

For several tense weeks our nation has been broiling unpleasantly in the cultural equivalent of polyunsaturated fat also known as the Chick-Fil-A Controversy.  All this hoopla was over Chick-Fil-A’s President Dan Cathy's comments about gay marriage.
Now I don't particularly have any dog in the Chick-Fil-A race but I do have a problem with what is going on here in America as to seeing our Freedoms disappearing more and more, day after day. And I blame the Obama administration for this.
    The fascists on the left are doing everything they can to destroy the American way, America's freedom of choice, and America's freedom of speech freedom. They are trying to destroy a man for expressing his religious, and his political freedoms. The left solution for that is to destroy him and his company to shut him up. It's no longer enough to boycott his business, now they want to stop him from opening up a business where he wants to. So tell me what is it about freedom of religion or freedom of choice that has made you brown shirts so upset? We have seem this happen decades ago. They used the same tactics in Germany, and we went to war to stop it. And now you are using the same extremist ideas right here in America.
    What has this Country become? Where has our freedoms gone? We can't open up a business in a big city now if we don't agree with a "Special Group" I was always told that In America we had the right to do whatever we pleased as long as we followed all applicable laws. What happened to those rights?
    the party of hope and change is still the party Socialist and Marxist ideas.
    The very same groups who fought so hard for their freedom of speech and right to the pursuit of happiness, would now demand the government be involved in silencing someone who's opinion is different from their own. Seems a bit hypocritical to me.
    Chick-Fil-A will survive without the help of these Chicago thugs. Rahm Emanuel is a stark-raving idiot. He and Screwy Louie Jew hater Farrakhan make a good pair. And these two Crooks are going to fight Crime?
    Now let us wonder about the remedy for Now let us wonder about the remedy for Cathy’s heinous offense —for daring to speak out about his religious convictions: Shall we rip out his tongue, or is there a more mature reaction? Maybe, we could simply boycott his product. Conversely, should we all grab our pitchforks and burn down heinous offense —for daring to speak out about his religious convictions: Shall we rip out his tongue, or is there a more mature reaction? Maybe, we could simply boycott his product. Conversely, should we all grab our pitchforks and burn down Mr. Cathy’s house, or his chain of stores? I think NOT!
    Every single American who loves his or her Constitutional freedoms should rebel whenever elected officials threaten the use of government power to punish any citizen for daring to exercise their rights. We should support this mans right to say whatever he wants to if this is what he believes . I'm not positing a debate on gay marriage, I'm saying that as elected officials have used their office to condemn a private business who makes a stand on religious or even his political grounds. Why haven't liberals cried against such an injustice? If the roles were reversed, if a conservative mayor barred a private business from expansion in his city because the owner believed that gay marriage is okay, I guarantee that every blue dog moron would be standing on top of every possible soap box decrying that mayor for being corrupt.

    They would be the first to try to champion the claims of the 1st Amendment.

    But not here. "Freedom of thought," and words like "liberty," are just punch-lines to them. To them, they're antiquated words from a completely different era. Unless the American people demand a high standard from their elected officials, there won’t be any high standards

Monday, July 9, 2012

How Low will the Left Go?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has resorted to whisper-down-the-alley politics by alleging on the floor of the U.S. Senate that he heard through “a Bain investor” that Mitt Romney  hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years.
Reid will not reveal the source of the gossip, forcing Romney to fight back, essentially shadow boxing against a claim that isn’t substantiated.
Besides the fact that Romney would have likely been paid a visit by the IRS if that were, indeed, true, Romney has already released his tax returns for 2010, as well as his 2011 estimate. What did we learn? That Romney is good with money. That he is successful. And that he is charitable — wait, make that unbelievably charitable. “Romney’s charities of choice are diverse,” noted Forbes magazine, pointing out his giving to everything from Mormon causes to the United Way.
By throwing out an unproven accusation, the conversation has gone from pressing Obama on where the jobs are to painting Romney as a tax evader. Not only is it a fabricated distraction, it’s pretty pathetic if this is all the Democrats can come up with.
Further, it shines a light on their hypocrisy. Obama has yet to release certain Fast and Furious documents, his academic records, the full White House visitor list. The list goes on and on.
Plus, Reid himself refuses to release his own taxes. In 2010 it was estimated that Reid was worth $10 million — but he only makes a salary of $193,000 per year. So what’s Reid hiding? Should Romney make something up?
If you thought that the left couldn’t go any lower than that, think again. In perhaps the most egregious and slanderous attacks of all time, Priorities USA, a Super PAC run by former Obama communications aide Bill Burton, has put out an ad that links Mitt Romney to the closure of a steel plant in Kansas City, the subsequent loss of a family’s health insurance and, disgustingly, the death of a woman from cancer.
Apparently, at Priorities USA, intellectual honesty isn’t one of the priorities.But as we all know this is just another