Thursday, July 26, 2012

Omama's "Accomplishments" If you want to call them that!

Here's the list from his first three years of Obama's "accomplishments"  just in case you morons may have forgotten.
Put us into three "NEW" wars making a total of five wars we are in.
The assault on Arizona
Mexican insurgents on American soil
American agents murdered in America
The socialist communist rape of the middle class
Government motors
Oil in gulf fiasco
Obama care fiasco
Shadow government by czars
Union thugs in the streets
Children molested lawfully in airports
TSA BIGOTS selecting victims for pat downs
Real estate fanny Mae Freddie mac fiasco
Housing catastrophe
Teacher lying on camera
Doctors lying on camera
Paying for insurgents to go to college
Congressmen espousing socialism
Ignoring constitutional law blatantly
Class warfare
Generational warfare
Racial warfare
Insulting the supreme court justices publicly
Insulting opposing opinion publicly
Paying socialist news outlets from tax Coffers
Universities as socialist factories of propaganda
Paying pigford frauds for fictional

 Iranians building nuclear weapons
Using every available form of media for Political propaganda
Stealing elections
Housing price depression

Four to Five dollar gas
16 trillion in debt going up
His Betrayal of Israel

Releasing terrorists from Gitmo
Black Panther goons on the street
Union goons on the street
Assault on the catholic church
Panetta's betrayal of American sovereignty...
Teenage thugs on the streets of our cities, esp in Chicago.
The Electric car fiasco
The Green industry fiasco

 UN-employmentat 10% Nationwide.

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