Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Obama's life story as a Poor Boy!

So Obama tell us that there were no silver spoons, but lots of school loans in his past. And that when he met his Michele the Moocher they were  "Poor Together"   Isn't that a sweet thing to say!

And that his Grandmother worked her way up the ranks at the bank. Later, it took two incomes to pay the condo mortgage and the bills.  I wonder if that was the same Grandmother that crossed the street when she saw a black man.  Or was it his African Grandmother who lived in a Hut?   Oh my, such humble stories about this poor little black boy who had it so terribly bad.   That is until he met up with his Marxist friends how were blowing up Federal buildings and killing innocent people only because they happened to be patriotic Americans. Or because he opposed the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam.  Yes, I'm talking about William Ayes, otherwise known as the leader of the Weatherman Terrorist group. .

 If all this  sounds familiar, it's because we heard it all before from people like Jane Fonda and so many others who lived of America but contributed nothing but Hate to her.
And let's not forget Barack's mentor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright who Hates America almost as much as he Hates Israel.

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