Monday, May 14, 2012

Why Obama will NOT be re-elected.

  1. Unemployment after 4 years of Keynesian economics is still over 7%. If Americans are out of work so will be the President.
  2. US debt is over 14 trillion dollars and counting. He tripled the debt. We had a party and our children will have to pay.
  3. We are still fighting an undeclared war in the Middle East with American men and women on the ground taking casualties with no end in sight. This really upsets me. It is not Obama’s fault but America should only fight declared wars, because undeclared wars are a never ending battle.
  4. The budget is not yet balanced and 60 percent of the money goes to entitlements.
  5. Change did not come.
  6. The housing market is far from recovered.
  7. China is rising faster than the USA.
  8. US jobs are going overseas.
  9. He accepted the Nobel peace prize for nothing.
  10. Still no real business experience, only an academic.
  11. Liberals feel betrayed as he did not follow through with transforming America with a liberal vision. Too much compromise.
  12. Increased taxes.
  13. Half the country is conservative.
  14. After the initial honeymoon with international leaders, the global community respects him only for his title rather than his ability to lead.
  15. Tea party.
  16. Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Alex Jones, Drudge Report,

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