Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The speech by Netanyahu to Congress was nothing less than great.

 President Obama seems to have EITHER a blind spot or a lack of good sense, when it comes to the growing anti-Semitism, here in America and in Europe as well. . I don't believe it is a blind spot. I believe Obama is an anti-Semite, and his cold relationship with Netanyahu is not by any means limited to the situation in Iran..

The Iranians have made threats to “wipe Israel off the map”, presumably with nuclear weapons that they would acquire either by Obama’s willingness or by their deception, the Jewish world population would be cut nearly in half.  And this is what it’s all about when the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress.. As he said the world must act to prevent Iran’s nuclearization, since “the deadline for attaining this goal is getting extremely close.
And the only thing Netanyahu knows for sure is that the Iranians remain intent on being able to produce their own nuclear weapons.  The only question left is will they do so with or without Obama’s help and his “blessing”!
Netanyahu is worried about Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the survival of nearly half of all the Jews in the world because they live in Israel.

It’s no secret there is no love-loss between Bibi Netanyahu and Barack Obama, but this third effort to urge Congress to go on record supporting the survival of Israel is necessary.
Obama has said in no uncertain terms that he wants to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. However, the world has learned that what is said by Iran is far from the truth.
What Netanyahu also knows is that President Obama seems to have blind spot when it comes to the growing anti-Semitism that resembles what existed in the 1930s in Europe. When Jews in a French kosher supermarket were murdered, Obama referred to it as an act of “violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

Whoa! Siad Obama,  It wasn’t “a bunch of folks.” They were Jews buying food for the Sabbath meal.  And those “violent, vicious zealots” were Muslims, just like the ISIS Muslims beheading, crucifying, burning, kidnapping, and enslaving those they don’t kill for being Christian, Jewish, Yazidis, or just not Muslim enough!

Netanyahu’s speech will, indeed, be historic. It may not be his last visit to the chambers of Congress.  And I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Netanyahu

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  1. Yes, it was great. It will be a great addition to the history books when Iran starts taking over the ME.