Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good riddance to that pathetic dirtbag Hillary Clinton

Does anybody really think that we are going to forgive and forget those 4 dead Americans in Benghazi because Hillary was asleep at the wheel as far as the security in Benghazi is concerned? And are those 4 people going to be forgotten and just swept under the rug that easily so that it wouldn’t look bad on Hillarýs resume when she sets herself up for running in 2016 ?. How much of the BS are we to believe?  Did she rally think that the drama she and Bammy put on about that injury, and it’s speedy recovery which never happened to begin with was going to keep her for testifying and did she think that the 4 dead American’s families were going to forgive and forget and mark it up to another  desperate  Hillary Lie or “Misspoke”
Hillary, it’s time for you to  go home and bake some cookies.  That’s about all your good for.  And take your “Girl-friend” Huma with you.

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