Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gun violence, Benghazigate, and other Goodies.

President Obama is worst than Nixon who was kicked out of office and Benghazigate is much worse  than Watergate. I don’t think that I have to spell out the fact that in Watergate, NOBODY was Murdered, where as in Benghazigate we saw FOUR Americans that were. .  And to add fuel to the fire Obama decided that the opinion’s of the majority of America just doesn’t matter at that what Congress thinks just isn't important!  So HE can do whatever he wants to just by involving executive privilege.  As we are about to see with his gun control dictatorship legislation..
And furthermore, don’t be fooled by the progressives, leftists who claim that they hate guns and that they want to get rid of them. They hate guns in the hands of anyone besides themselves.  Just look at ALL of these Hollywood, Rappers, and Sports figures, I’d bet that over 90 percent of them either have their own guns or they have bodyguards who have guns.  These people have been more responsible for gun violence then the NRA will ever be now-a-days.
The lefties, progressives seem to spin things anyway that suits their own purpose.  Obama is stepping on very dangerous ground, bordering of Dictatorship if you may, and he knows it so rather than his stepping on the constitution , he sends Old Grinning  Uncle Joe Biden to do it for him, because he  doesn’t want his fingerprints on this one. As if the “Bill of Rights” is not sacrosanct.
And as for Piers Morgan…I say we should start a petition to deport that idiot.  If he or anyone else doesn’t like our Constitution and second amendment, let them leave the USA...period.

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