Monday, June 3, 2013

Judging A Presidency

 For a successful Presidency, Perception is the means, Protection is the end.
 After all, isn't the protection of our nation the reason for choosing one candidate over another? We judge their vision, usually based on their resume, their experience, if they have any in an executive capacity. Or, if none of the above, the vision that he communicates to the rest of us.
If there is another basis for the is usually a mistake.

 And we learned to do this....early on. After all, didn't Chris Rock explain to us that the President is, like, our father, or “the boss.”
Heck... what kind of father is unable to protect his wife and children?
And a boss cannot husband his business costs us our job. "The president and the first lady are kind of like the Mom and the Dad of the country," ...
 What does “perception” mean or entail?
It means an awareness of the elements of environment; it means being quick, acute, and intuitive; a capacity for comprehension.
But isn't that a description of each and every one of us, to a greater or lesser degree? Well....then why not pick a name out of a hat and be done with the election?
In fact, William Buckley, Jr. had pretty much that idea: “I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.”

What it comes down to, is that we expect our President, carefully chosen, to have the perception to see what is the most advantageous set of actions and courses, to protect our nation from danger, and to steer a course toward success. True?
Perception is the means, Protection is the end.
And woe betide the king who didn't do his job. about the “Dad” we chose...and put in charge of our house....the White House?
Did he convince you that he had the perception, the correct vision necessary to fix the economy? After all, he said “if I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Fact Check ? Obama and the ?One-Term Proposition? - ABC News welfare "getting it done"? Food stamps and government doles instead of employment?
"The civilian labor force declined by 496,000 over the month, and the labor force participation rate decreased by 0.2 percentage point to 63.3 percent." Employment Situation News Release
And who would say that “Dad” made the world a better place based on how he's handled the Middle East? Threw out leaders who kept things stable, and favored America, and supported rebels who favor radical Islam in Libya, Egypt, Iran, and now, even in Iraq.
"Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra make it official." Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra make it official -
What can be said about his perception? Is this what he foresaw and wished for....or was a case of incomprehension?
 How's this for "Perception is the means, Protection is the end,": more nuclear threats in the world today, and our 'dad' proposes to cut down our nuclear weapons
But when it comes right down to it....perhaps he had the perception to judge the stupidity of those who voted for him....not once, but TWICE!.


  1. Judging a Presidency---ummm---let's see---F-MINUS!

  2. Right now, the Obamabot pr people are working around the clock to keep the perception of the POTUS in good graces with the American public. Yet, the stories of widespread corruption in the Obama regime are creeping out. I believe that the stories we've heard so far are merely the tip of the iceberg!