Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lets Put Things In There Proper Perspective

By reading the newspaper headlines every day, you'd think this was Pakistan, not America.
But, what do people expect when we have a shitty little Muslim fraud running the nation?
This is what you get for voting for this fraud.. In my humble opinion, and I’m sure that many others have the same opinion... Obama belongs in jail, along with Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and many others in that crooked administration of his. Make no mistake about it!
Since Obama was elected president, the  terms radical Muslims, Jihadist, Jihad, Muslim Terrorist, and Islam Terrorist, were wiped clean from the American Dictionary.
But just in case you haven’t heard yet, Osama Bid Laden dead, and General Motors is alive.... and so is the Muslim Brotherhood!!  Good GAWD what has happened to this country in such a short time.
And to make matters even worse, it seems to me that the left is doing what it can to make more and more attacks possible, unintentionally perhaps, at least I hope, but it doesn’t matter, the facts are there, that our borders remain wide-open thanks to the complacency of the current president and the goofballs called his administration. These people come into our country in the guise of students or whatever else and kill us onlt because we are Americans.  Have you read this headline?
“ Wild Brooklyn melee erupts as Muslim teen was allegedly taunting Jewish student in New York subway” And how about the Boston Marathon bomber?
And Obama tells us that al Qaidais all but destroyed!  Is there any doubt that al Qaida is alive and well and will continue to pursue attacks against us.

So....start accumulating mementos of the late, and great United States of America....your great-grand-kids may be able to sell  them on Ebay in the future ..


  1. Good GAWD what has happened to this country in such a short time.

    The rapidity of the decline of America is happening so fast now that it's surreal!

    We now live in AmeriKa -- not in America.



    I'm glad that I'm as old as I am.

  2. Amen to that AOW :) Thanks for you input.