Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chris Matthews and the Liberal Media.

Can one of you simple minded Liberals please answer me this question or at least try to? Why exactly did MSNBC even bother to cover the Republican Convention? NO MATTER WHAT any of the speakers said they completely denigrate them and distorted what they said. . And what in the world is the deal with that liberal jackass Chris Matthews? Every Single Thing he says, he has to bring race into it. Racism this, racism that. Race this race that. My goodness is is of the wall . He talks a good game about Obama being a minority but vilifies Mitt Romney because of the fact he is a Mormon. Matthews is becoming unhinged and insane if he’s not there already.  His hair is never combed. He clothes never match. He spits when he talks. He squints looking off to the side. The guy is a train wreck. He's delusional and thinks he has to be Obama's protector and personal cheer leading team in defense of his skin color. Obama could show up to make a speech looking like Jeremiah Wright and Matthews would still scream racism.  This makes me wonder if these left wing nut jobs in the media get a bonus for their socialist ranting melt-downs?

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  1. The MSM is a 100% propaganda arm for the democrat party. Say anything, do anything, omit anything, photo-shop images, lie to any degree.