Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Assessment of the Democrat Convention

My assessment of the Democrat Convention is that it certainly seemed more hate filled than the  Republican Convention. It was probably due to Obama's strategy of destroying his opponent no matter what or how.. He used this before strategy in the two elections he had in Chicago. The other issue that put a thorn in the horse’s back and that bothered me throughout the entire Democrat Convention was that all of the Democrats injected race into this election and white people do not like that one bit. They even sold campaign buttons that stated. "ONCE YOU VOTE BLACK YOU NEVER GO BACK".  Now was that really necessary? This is not only offensive it is juvenile, as well as it being untrue, foul and tacky. There were so many racial overtones at this Convention that it really was sickening. Even Bill Clinton raised the issue when he spoke of the “hatred blatantly displayed by the republican side at the Tea party rallies where all types of racial overtones and comments have been made with impunity”.
You would think that the Blacks in America who have always said that they have been held down because of race would be the last ones to use race, and yet over 95% of blacks will vote for Obama, because of race. That is not only racist but it's also anti-white!
Remember, if America was a racist nation Obama wouldn’t have been elected in the first place.
Obama says he needs four more years to finish the job he started. Isn’t that  his way of admitting he’d rather Americans not look too closely at his poor job performance so far?  I think it is.
Make no mistake, the American people feel very threaten, not only by terror but by their government and by the way the current administration is leading us..   So I think that Unless Mitt Romney makes a fatal mistake, I think Obama is done!

The consensus on Barack Obama's acceptance speech Thursday night, and in effect on the Democratic National Convention as a whole, is that it was a complete bust.

Obama found himself speaking after Bill Clinton had all but promoted himself the night before. And Obama didn’t seem to be too happy about how Clinton handled his 50 minute long pat on his on back.
There wasn’t any compression to the two, Obama isn’t even in the same league as Clinton when it comes to addressing an audience.
Clinton was animated, loose, constantly ad-libbing, varying his gestures and expression. Obama seemed more mechanical, less fluent. The contrast with the videos shown earlier of his campaigning in 2008 was not helpful either. And you could also see from the expression on the First Ladies face that she wasn’t too happy either.

The theme of the entire Convention and given President Obama’s dismal record, that seems like a safe prediction to say that the election will be very close but that Mitt Romney will win it

Especially when you write a platform that didn't mention God -- or Jerusalem as the capital of Israel -- and then having the oversight corrected to resounding boos on the floor.  Many of us on these blogging boards cannot fathom how any real Americans could support someone like Obama
And to put thinks in their proper perspective, the three amigo’s Putin, Chavez, and Castro all endorsed Obama.  Nuf said?
Jut remember folks that the election isn't as close as the media want you to believe, and Romney is in this thing to win it . He's bringing out the big guns now, and saying the right things. The polls are misleading by design or, Clint Eastwood said, ''If you don’t do the job, you got to get out.''

''Don't let the turkeys get you down.''

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