Monday, September 10, 2012

The Media Coverage Favors Obama

The only reason Obama has a snowball's chance in Hell of winning  is the simple fact that he's getting all this great media coverage. It doesn't matter how lousy a president he's turned out to be. He is getting tons of help from his lap-dog press.

Everything Mitt Romney does is torn to pieces while everything Obama does wrong is ether ignored or trivialized. I'm listening to these asshats on TV talk about the bump Obama received from the convention and they're simply ignoring the elephant in the room. 
Obama has an unfair advantage when it comes to media coverage. It doesn't matter how good of a case Romney makes for change if he can't overcome the lies and the censorship that is in full effect from the Mainstream Media.

And even his wife get it, isn't she on the late night talk show almost nightly?  And what does she do?  She;s out there getting FREE campaigning coverage for Obama.

I was undergoing a four hour long test at a hospital Friday, for a job and while I was waiting I was watching the TV in the waiting room.  I watched both Obama and Romney giving speeches. Obama seemed like he was a smart-ass talking smack about Romney. He was campaigning like someone who hasn't spent a day in the Oval Office, promising one thing after another and using fear tactics in an attempt to cast a pal over Mitt Romney. Just about everyone in that waiting room told me they weren't buying his crap. Obama was bad-mouthing Romney big-time, saying the following

"This guy has no plan. Everything he wants to do has been tried before and look what it got us. Vote for me and I promise things will be better!!!!"

I was thinking everything Obama was saying could be directly applied to himself.

Then they showed Mitt Romney's town-hall. Romney essentially was asking everyone if they wanted four more years of lackluster growth, high unemployment, and shrinking wages. Obama claims that nobody could have done anything about the malaise we're in. The problem is we need someone who feels he can do something to improve the situation, not someone who feels he's powerless to do his job.
We don't need someone who feels he can't work with Congress to get things done. We need someone who is at least willing to try, don't we???

Obama needs a lot of help to convince everyone that things aren't so bad. Tell that to the folks that live in California that make $20/hr and still have to live in their cars. The costs of energy has skyrocketed as Obama predicted and it has gotten harder and harder to make ends meet.
Underemployment is one of the biggest problems that goes unnoticed in the media. Four more years of Obama assures that this will continue to get worse. It's almost like he's hoping for it. He figures that a 100% increase in our utility bills is going in the right direction. If you ask him what he's planning to do about it he'll just say nothing. He has no control over it. His war on fossil-fuels had nothing to do with it. Fact is his war on our energy has everything to do with it. He said Friday that we are less energy dependent than we've been in our history. This bold-faced lie seemed to go unnoticed by the attending crowd but not with the folks watching it on television.

Obama thinks that calling Mitt Romney a money-grubbing rich guy who murders people's wives and enjoys firing people and outsourcing jobs to China is going to get him another four years. Four years to further destroy the economy. Four more years to destroy capitalism so he can replace it with something he was taught was better. European socialism based on crony-capitalism. So far he's pretty much staying even with Romney. However the trends don't look as good as his slobbering press would lead you to believe. The trend looks better for Romney than Obama but as anyone who has been paying attention knows, the worry is Obama will be able to trick us into giving what he wants.

Because Obama get a free pass by the press?


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    " Let the debates begin. Cameras on ... "

    Sure, why not? Do you really expect OMitt to accomplish much?

    What action on your man's part do you expect him to do, that you think will turn around the RepublicanT Party's national campaign? Be specific; use as much space as necessary. Answers needed to be posted _BEFORE_ the debate begin.

    Extra credit - what subjects will your man need to dodge, shuck, and jive to be considered surviving the debate?

    Ema Nymton

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    "Because Obama get a free pass by the press?"

    You mean like Murdoch Media/Fox Networks? Chuckle chuckle snicker snicker guffaw guffaw ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

    Sorry. Lost it there.

    Now where was I? Oh yea,

    "... can't overcome the lies and the censorship that is in full effect from the Mainstream Media."

    Like Murdoch Media/Fox Networks? Chuckle chuckle snicker snicker guffaw guffaw ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

    Now stop that! This is serious. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

    Thank you for the 'playing the victim' comedy routine.

    Ema Nymton